Seminar: Alchemy Of Spiritual Realigment And The Renewal Of Personal Spirit


Online seminar


seminar, 11 November 2023

What is spirituality if not living our life to its fullest potential? Yet, to live it, we need to discover what constitutes our individual meaning first. By working on ourselves with the techniques of active imagination, psychoanalysis, as well as our physical action in our daily lives, we are going to be able to free the very spirit that alchemists knew was imprisoned in the very matter of our own inner potential. In order to understand this process, we will draw upon the dynamics of the planetary archetypes of personal spirit: Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and the Sun.

The seminar is taking place online via Zoom on Saturday 11th November 2023 from 4.30 to 6.30 pm CEST / 15:30 to 17:30 GMT (TIME CONVERTER). It consists of 90 minutes of theoretical presentation and additional 30 minutes of practical work with the IPAL Method with 2 volunteers from the group. Contact:,, +386 40 518 045 (Alenka)

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Ddr. Matjaž Regovec, holds doctorates in psychology and philosophy. Trained and qualified originally as a Jungian, he is nowadays an independent psychoanalyst at the IPAL Institute. Having been working as a psychoanalyst and a psychotherapist for 30 years now, he also offers some individual consultations with the IPAL Method. He is the author of numerous books in Slovenian, Serbian, Hungarian, Russian and English language. He lectures and holds workshops worldwide.


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