The IPAL Institute was founded in 1993, with the aim of facilitating, fostering, as well as eventually integrating, an array of forms of an in-depth working on oneself, in order to improve the quality of life, as well as man’s psycho-spiritual-bodily wellbeing and prosperity. Setting and attainment of one’s realistic goals in life runs hand in hand with the process of an in-depth working on oneself under professional guidance and supervision of the IPAL tutors.

The in-depth working on oneself in a holistic way and perspective of the IPAL Method entails taking care of the psyche (the psychic cogito), of the personal spirit (the intuitive cogito), of the physical body (the bodily cogito), as well as of one’s own individually developing and perpetually transforming thinking perspective on oneself, important others, the world, as well as the image of god (thinking cogito). A new relationship of the emerging, self-developing individual with the collective, comes about gradually and naturally as a result of the progression of the four-dimensional in-depth working on oneself in a contained group setting with the IPAL Method.

The existence of the (post)modern man and woman is characterised by a specific shallowness of life, signified by consumerism and superficial forms of spirituality, or even by the non-existence of everything spiritual. The thinking perspective on life usually predominates. In such a norm of a collectively conditioned life, (post)modern man and woman are typically lacking both some psychic depth, as well as her or his spiritual breadth. Characteristic are the symptoms of the depression, anxiety, as well as a general loss of meaning and faith in life, among others. The development of the personal spirit is hindered as a result, and man’s physical actions and deeds do not serve one’s holistic development. In order to contain and foster some wholesome and comprehensible development of man, i.e. of the psyche, personal spirit, bodily actions, as well as of a potentially transformed personal mindset, the IPAL Method was gradually developed as a specific combination of techniques of an in-depth working upon oneself, in order to embrace all four dimensions that are necessary for man’s holistic wellbeing and continuous development. These are the basic prerequisites of forming and maintaining the sacred space, in which the process of individuation can take place most qualitatively and effectively.

The IPAL Method therefore consists of a combination of techniques. These are, first, active imagination, secondly, working with the symbolic cosmology (based on the traditional astrological symbolism), thirdly, psychoanalytic techniques and fourthly, dream analysis. The initiation into the in-depth working on oneself by active imagination facilitates the turn on the inwards and serves as the entrance into the in-depth psychic personal dimension. Furthermore, symbolic cosmology is employed in order to understand the psychic material in terms of the archetypes of the process of individuation, as revealed by the personal cosmogram (the birth

chart) of an individuum. Psychoanalytic techniques are then used in order to interpret the connections of this material with the everyday life, to facilitate the work on one’s practical problems and life goals, and to enhance one’s quality of life as a result. Dream analysis is used interchangeably with the active imagination where appropriate and necessary. This combination of techniques is applied in order to facilitate a relationship of man as a functional whole with his or her own being. In this way, a new perspective on life, one’s symptoms and other problems may gradually emerge in the process of the in-depth working on oneself with the IPAL Method as a precursor of one’s continuous development and improvement of life.

With the academic year of 2023/24, the IPAL Institute has initiated an international online classroom. These are online seminars in English, open to the participants of all countries, views and religions. In addition to this, some local groups are organised in some countries, where the introductory training groups in the IPAL Method on one hand, and the three-year in-depth certificate training, as well as a further two-year academic, diploma IPAL training become available in the national languages, on the other.

The founder of The IPAL Institute is Matjaž Regovec.