The IPAL Institute and The IPAL Method

The IPAL Institute was founded in 1993, with the aim of facilitating, fostering, as well eventually integrating, an array of forms of working on oneself, in order to improve man’s quality of life, as well as her or his psycho-spiritual-bodily wellbeing and prosperity. Setting and attainment of one’s realistic goals in life also runs hand in hand with the process of working on oneself under professional guidance and supervision of the IPAL tutors.

‘Working on oneself’ in a holistic way and perspective of the IPAL Method entails taking care of the psyche (the psychic cogito), of spirit (the intuitive cogito), of the physical body (the bodily cogito), as well as of one’s own individually developing and perpetually transforming one’s own thinking perspective on oneself, important others, the world, as well as one’s own image of god (the thinking cogito). A new relationship of the emerging, self-developing individual with the collective comes about gradually and naturally as a result of the progression of the four-dimensional working on oneself in a contained group setting with the IPAL Method.

The founder of The IPAL Institute is Matjaž Regovec.